How We Do Business – Part 5

We will be loyal

This is the last post in a series introducing you to five principles that describe how we do business at Pendant Automation. The fifth of our business principles reads in full:

“We recognize the value of long-term relationships that are guided by our other principles. While we are constantly seeking to grow our business and create new relationships, we will always be mindful of the value of the relationships we have built with great clients, great suppliers, and great team members who also appreciate loyalty.”

Loyalty to what, exactly?

The concept of loyalty is controversial. Many people think of it as an absolute good, a virtue. Others question loyalty as a virtue probably because they dislike the object of the loyalty. Millions of people were loyal to Hitler’s views and to him. We all know people that cling to outdated ways of doing things because “we’ve always done it that way”.¬† Sports fans are notorious for overlooking awful behavior by an individual that wears the right colors.

When Pendant says “we will be loyal”, we recognize that we will get nowhere without win-win relationships with our team, our suppliers, and our clients. We appreciate the value of ongoing relationships marked by mutual loyalty. The loyalty we extend to you benefits you and therefore benefits us, too. We don’t think it requires a legal contract.

It doesn’t mean that we won’t seek new relationships that help us grow our business. But the relationships that endure will be marked by a win-win spirit.¬†Mutual loyalty means that we will work through problems together.

One Last Thing

Most of all, we are also loyal to one very old way of doing things. We don’t mean in the technical sense. What we mean is that we will be loyal to an ethical approach to our business and our relationships with you. That will always trump blindly sticking it out with someone that operates in a way that’s inconsistent with our other principles.

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I’m into loyalty too!