Christmas Comes Early for James

We are overdue for a check-in with James, Pendant’s versatile and well-traveled controls engineer, who last time we saw him was at the beach in the Outer Banks. Time really does fly when you’re having fun.

James is in the office today, working on Pendant’s new Warehouse Control System (WCS) software. Much to his delight, waiting for him when he arrived at the office this morning was a training device borrowed from one of Pendant’s suppliers that will help James hone his skills with motion controls.

Pendant places a very high value on learning new skills, and self-motivated learning is especially admired, so it was no surprise to observe how James reacted.

James’ response to the arrival of the training device can only be compared to someone receiving a prized gift at Christmas. He opened the device immediately and began making the Ethernet connections that will let the components of the device communicate with each other.

The arrival of the device was timely because James is also working on one of his first projects involving servo drives and motion control.

Meanwhile, James, about that WCS thing…

I want James to work on motion controls for me!