Control Systems Projects and Versatility

In an earlier post,  Cross Training, we shared a view of Pendant’s versatility in executing control systems projects. The current portfolio of projects further demonstrates that capability. Here’s a brief summary of the projects.

  • Las Vegas return center
  • Return center in Phoenix
  • Return center in Indianapolis
  • Calendered film project in Pennsylvania, Calendered film overview
  • A new project for Pendant’s partner, Timpson, in Idaho, Timpson Utilities Training
  • One overseas aviation refueling project
  • Two domestic aviation refueling projects
  • A distribution center in the Northeast
  • A liquid bottling operation in the Mid-Atlantic
  • A distillation operation in the Mid-Atlantic
  • And more to come…

So that is projects in seven different industries, covering most of the United States and a far corner of the world, too.

Agility Matters, Too

Pendant has controls specialists on site for several of these projects.  They are participating in startup, commissioning, and support activities. We know for sure that those of us back in Havre de Grace are looking forward to welcoming them back. We’re not as sure, but hopeful, that their families are excited about it, too.

Back in the office, the design and programming work continues on these and other projects. At the same time, we are renovating the Pendant main office to allow for the expansion of our workforce to meet the demands of our growing business. What was formerly our panel shop is the new office and reception space, and the first of several moves of office furniture is scheduled for this weekend. For Pendant team members currently on the road, we hope that seeing their offices relocated and furniture rearranged isn’t too overwhelming for them when they return.

Our panel shop in Havre de Grace had a busy summer that is continuing into the fall and winter. We added some spice into the life of Panel Shop Manager Brad Hoffman by relocating and expanding the shop starting in late spring. Brad says he is looking forward to being able to complete the panel shop transition once things “slow down”, presumably before he retires sometime in the middle of the 21st century.

Once the renovations are complete and the panel shop move is 100% done, we expect that’s it’s going to feel slow just working on projects. The only real alternative to keep us from getting bored is more projects. So whenever you’re ready, we are, too. Whether it’s conveyor and material handling, process industries, or something off the wall, our versatility and agility will be to your benefit. So click the link below and challenge us with something new. After all, who wants to live in a world where we don’t keep Brad busy until mid-century?


Here’s one for you, Pendant