Be Committed

Demonstrating commitment means to us that you:

  • Strive for everybody to win.
  • Put your whole heart into our team’s success.
  • Get it done no matter what.

Be Humbly Confident

Humility and confidence need to co-exist at Pendant by committing to the following:

  • Be authentic and genuine.
  • Listen to understand, not to reply.
  • Be respectful to all.
  • Know your stuff.

Be Trustworthy

Being trustworthy for the Pendant team means many things, but none more so than:

  • Doing what you say you’re going to do.
  • Embracing the fact that our team and our clients are counting on you.
  • Taking ownership for Pendant Team outcomes.

Be Optimistic

We seek people to join our team that:

Be Hungry

For the Pendant team, you live up to this core value by:

  • Being a self-starter.
  • Discovering the “why” and transforming your curiosity into knowledge.
  • Having passion for being part of something big.