Easy Access to Field Device Information

This is the first of two posts, this one focusing on the field device.  This is how Pendant makes your life easier when we execute a conveyor handling control system project.

We like to keep things simple by saving you time and helping you avoid mistakes.  Imagine that you are standing next to the conveyor with your maintenance tech looking at a field device.  You are wondering how you can access information about that field device. Pendant makes it easy for you by placing a label, usually on the conveyor frame near the device, with a QR Code on the label. You can see a working example in the photo. This label is for a disconnect switch, and you can see the manufacturer’s name and a link to the manufacturer’s data sheet for the device.



Here are some examples of the kind of information you see when you read the QR codes on Pendant’s field device labels with your smartphone:

Photo Eye

Control Relay


You can see how easily you are able to get the info you need, fast.

Control System Info

In our next post, we will show you how you can easily retrieve critical information about yourControl panel QR Code control system using the same QR code idea.  In this case, the QR code is placed directly on the front of the control panel as you see in the photo to the right.   The QR code takes you to a project page specific to your project. (The example code in this picture links you to one of our blog posts. We will show you a real example in the next post.) You will find contact information for your project team, control system CAD drawings, and other valuable information. We’ll share more details later. In the meantime, contact us to get started on your next project.

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