How We Do Business

5 Key Principles

We practice fairness and respect in all our business relationships.

  • We will treat each other, our clients, and our suppliers with fairness and respect and we seek business relationships with those who will treat us with fairness and respect.

We own our mistakes.

  • We aren’t perfect and we will make mistakes occasionally. We will always own our mistakes and make things right. We will not issue change orders for our mistakes. We seek to do business with like-minded clients and suppliers, and to hire like-minded team members.

We aim to be profitable.

  • A reasonable profit is critical to the growth and prosperity of a business. This is true for Pendant, our suppliers, and our clients. We will always seek win/win outcomes, and want to work with clients and suppliers who agree with this principle.

We will be responsive.

  • When you communicate with us, we will respond. We may not have the answer or the solution right away, but you will know that we are working on it and when you can expect to have the answer. We will prioritize relationships with clients and suppliers that value responsiveness.

We will be loyal.

  • We recognize the value of long-term relationships that are guided by the above principles. While we are constantly seeking to grow our business and create new relationships, we will always be mindful of the value of the relationships we have built with great clients, great suppliers, and great team members who also appreciate loyalty.