James and the Solar Eclipse

We’ve sent James on another startup, this time appropriately in the Sunshine State. James got caught up in the solar eclipse madness yesterday, and took a little time out from starting up a new conveyor handling control system to make sure he took part in the festivities. James is great at following specifications, and it was no different this time as he put together his own viewer from a Crunchy Honey Oats cereal box, completing his outfit with a hard hat and high-vis vest. James is nothing if not safe!

Meanwhile, back in the Havre de Grace office, the best that Jeremy and Gary could muster was to eat Sun Chips and Moon Pies while collectively missing James, who has been out of the office for a while now. Occasionally, Jeremy and Gary would cast a very brief but unprotected glance out the window and upwards in the hope that this time they would actually be able to see what was going on up there. But it was to no avail, and James’ experience eclipsed that of the Havre de Grace duo.

We’re leaving the light on for James to come back, but unfortunately we’re out of Moon Pies.

I Can’t Wait Until 2024, Send James on My Next Startup