Motor, Motion, and Machine Controls

Motor Control

Motor control is a part of almost every project Pendant executes.  Conveyor handling systems in particular rely heavily on motor control capabilities, including on/off controls, soft starters, and Variable Frequency Drives (VFD).

Motion Controls

Motion controls are popular in a variety of industries. This video shows a simple example of a Pendant project where motion controls were used to automate the filling of buckets with product.

Pendant has used motion control for virtually every industry for which we have executed automation projects.

Machine Controls

Machine control refers to a control system designed to control the actions of a machine used for a very specific purpose in industrial applications.  For example, the motion control video above is an example of a machine control system.  Machine control can comprise the use of motion control, flow control, pressure control, and temperature control, working in concert to produce the desired output. Pendant has been executing machine control projects since the mid-2000s.