Quiet Friday

It’s unusual for the office to be as quiet as it is today. But there is an awful lot going on.

One of the nice things about being a small business (as defined by the SBA), is that you have a good feel for where everyone is and what they are doing.  Most of our people are on the road today, some working on projects in client facilities, some traveling for personal reasons.  We have a honeymoon underway, and a visit out west with old friends. We have a family moving into their new home this weekend. We have people in Alabama and California on client projects. We have others who returned home last night and are at home today.

Back home in Havre de Grace, there’s just a couple of us holding down the fort.  At times it can be a blessing to have the quiet and the long stretches without interruptions. But after a while, there’s a vacuum.

One of our core values is having fun while we work. And our core purpose centers around building a great team. When it’s this quiet, you miss the fun. Sure, we’re hammering out the work. But I wouldn’t want it to be this way every day. There’s something about building and growing something like this thing we call an automation business, side by side with people who like working together, laughing together, and, to borrow a phrase from a friend, “doing life” together that is exciting and motivating. Each of us knows that we have an impact. Each of us knows that everybody will do what they can to keep the entire team moving forward.

The future is bright…

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