Thanksgiving, right around the corner.  How did it get here so fast?

The nature of Pendant’s business is that it’s a little “lumpy”.  As a mainly project-based business, there are times when projects come in fast and furious, and then there are periods that, by comparison, feel like a lull.

In contrast, the calendar year feels more like a state of constant acceleration, wherein each succeeding quarter goes faster than the previous quarter. And so here we are with another Thanksgiving and holiday season looming, wondering where the year went.

There’s a lot to do by the end of December, both business and personal. Life gets crazier. In business, it’s a dash to the end of what you hope is a successful year, followed overnight by the need to start building, day by day, another hopefully successful year. On the personal side, there may be gifts to buy and wrap, parties to put on or attend, cards to write, people to see, and travel.

If you allow it, it can feel like a lot of pressure and obligation. If you allow it, you can miss the point and miss the fun.

The following is lifted from Pendant’s core values, which will appear on the upcoming relaunch of our website.

Have fun

  • We enjoy making each other laugh and creating a fun working environment. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We believe that a team that has fun together performs better.

Here’s the key.  If something is a core value, it should be something you emphasize and practice every day. And we do have fun every day at Pendant.  Sometimes it’s small stuff, like sharing a joke or having a conversation about something funny that happened.  Other times it’s celebrating together like we will in December at the company Christmas party. Sometimes it comes unexpectedly – for example, Rob just sent out hilarious calendar invitations confirming that we’re off Thursday and Friday next week for the holiday.

Our experience tells us that making sure you keep it fun takes the pressure off.  If you go into each day determined to make it a fun day, more often than not you’ll go to bed in a much better frame of mind and you’ll actually create something memorable for yourself. You might even end up feeling grateful.

We’re grateful for another great year, and for what we have accomplished together, all while having a blast. Our wish for you is the very same.  Happy Thanksgiving.