Software Applications

Pendant creates software for use in a variety of industries.  Most process industries projects include Pendant custom software written to allow operators to control the system, view the system graphically, view critical information about the operation of the system, get statistics, maintain the system, and easily find key information about the control system (e.g. drawings, wiring diagrams, etc.).

Pendant also creates so-called middleware which allows for the interaction between the control system and other systems at the facility. A great example of the use of middleware is on a conveyor handling project in a distribution center where the Pendant middleware facilitates the communication between the control system and the Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Pendant is now offering its Revolution Street Warehouse Xperience System (Warehouse Control System) application that can be purchased as part of a complete, turnkey Pendant automation project, or can be purchased as a standalone product for use in all types of distribution centers and warehouses. Click the link below to check out the Revolution Street WXS website for more information.