The Shelf o’Tutelage

Mistakes. They’re frustrating, aggravating, and disappointing, right? Especially when someone else is responsible.

We live in an imperfect world, where mistakes happen.  They can cost you and your business money, time, and even your reputation.

At Pendant, this is one of our core values:

Look ahead, learn, grow, and reach your potential

  • We always accept a challenge because learning and growing are built into our DNA. We will always look forward to understand developing trends. There has never been a time in the history of the world when it has been this easy to learn something new. We capitalize on that by dedicating ourselves to learning what we need to learn to be the best version of ourselves.

That learning and growing part is important. One great way to learn and grow is to use your mistakes as motivation to get on with the process of learning.

There are other uses for mistakes.  At Pendant, we use a simple device, which we call the Shelf o’Tutelage, where we place components that, due to someone’s error, were rendered useless (or “blown up”) once the juice was turned on. That person gets to add the glaring evidence of their fallibility to the Shelf.

It’s a simple, light-hearted, but ingenious way to remind everyone on the team that we all make mistakes, and that we all need to learn from them. It keeps people from avoiding risks for fear of making mistakes. It builds camaraderie. And it’s fun, too.

Fortunately, our Shelf o’Tutelage is just a small shelf. Maybe it’s working?