He’s in the HMI Zone Today

James is showing off his versatility with us today by working on programming of the HMI in a large panel for a Conveyor Handling System that is scheduled for startup in Florida in early August.

In a recent blog post, we asked you to consider if you are getting everything you can out of the HMIs in your control systems.  Are You Underutilizing Your HMI?

When it comes to HMI programming, James gets a kick out of adding in details about your system to make it easy for your operators and maintenance people to diagnose and correct problems on your line. But James also believes that this and other powerful HMI benefits are overlooked in far too many cases, meaning that you could be leaking profit.

James and the rest of the programmers on the Pendant team have “mad skills” when it comes to helping you get the most efficiency and information from your control system.

One other thing – you’ll love having our guys on site for startup and commissioning of your system.

I Want an HMI Programmed by James