Pendant has outgrown its existing panel shop and is in the process of opening a substantially larger panel shop next door to Pendant’s headquarters in Havre de Grace, Maryland.

Based on actual growth as well as anticipated growth, Pendant conducted a search beginning early last year for new space in which to build a larger, more efficient, and more modern shop for building and testing control panels.  A space right next to Pendant headquarters in Havre de Grace became available and the deal to purchase the building closed in May.

Panel Shop Transition Underway

The overhaul of the new building includes:

  • Multiple panel building stations
  • Panel testing space to check out I/O connections
  • Office space to create labels and tags and complete important paperwork
  • A conference room
  • Storage spaces for equipment and parts
  • Space for a test MDR conveyor we can fit with photo eyes and scan stations to test our control panel design with clients’ actual boxes, cartons, and totes prior to shipping the panel

Old Panel Shop to Be Repurposed

Conversions to the existing shop, which is currently part of Pendant’s headquarters building, include:

  • A new reception area
  • Offices for Controls Engineers
  • A conference room

Renovations to the current office space are also underway.

Brad Hoffman, Pendant’s Panel Shop Manager, says that the additional space, almost triple that of the old shop, is critical to accommodate the higher volume of jobs and the larger jobs Pendant executes today compared to just a few years ago.  In the old shop, at times it felt like working with a jigsaw puzzle, Hoffman explained. The limited space made a challenge of managing multiple projects simultaneously in a limited space.

What Does It Mean to You?

As you grow your business, Pendant is ready to grow with you. Meeting tight deadlines, designing to ever more complex and sophisticated technical requirements, and executing smooth startups, already Pendant strengths, will all be affected positively by the changes. And the same integrity with which we always operate will continue to be part of our relationship with you.


Build me something in that new shop!