Pendant control panel shop to expand

(and stuff besides the control panel shop)

Here’s a summary of some interesting (well, we think they’re interesting) happenings at Pendant:

  • Next week, Pendant is closing a deal on a new building to expand and upgrade our control panel shop.
    • We will also add office space. The shop space will almost triple, allowing Pendant to accommodate the steady growth in our business (and move Brad to a separate building).

And now the other stuff

  • Pendant team members are freezing in Memphis. 
    • Some of our team members are working on a startup in a frozen foods operation in Memphis, Tennessee. Rob tells us that in order to make himself feel warmer while working in the +30 degree freezer, he simply wanders into the -20 degree freezer for a couple of minutes and then heads back. This evokes memories of a certain Seinfeld episode, but we won’t go there.
  • We’ve been to the mountaintop. Mountain Top, PA
    • Mike and Brad were in the Poconos for a couple of days this week to install a new control panel on an expansion for an existing client. While they are very good friends, we categorically deny that they were required to share a room with a heart-shaped tub.
  • We’ve had a body snatching, we think.
    • James is here today, and most Fridays he regales us with a variation of an “It’s Friday” tune of his own spontaneous composition.  But not today.  The guy that’s here looks and sounds like James, but we are very suspicious.
  • There’s a volcano erupting in Hawaii. Kilauea eruption
    • Cassie called today to make sure Gary was aware of the volcano as he is soon to visit Hawaii on his upcoming honeymoon.  Being the courageous guy that he is, Gary called the whole thing off (in case you’re reading this, just kidding, honey).
  • Atlanta, the sequel.
    • A few of us visited Atlanta for MODEX in April. We loved the traffic so much that we’re heading back again, this time to visit clients.
  • Summer arrived this week.
    • Maryland regularly jumps from winter to summer overnight. This means that it’s a great time to visit Havre de Grace, MD, where we are located. If you’ve never heard of Havre de Grace, it’s a cool small town at the head of the Chesapeake Bay. If you’re in the neighborhood, we’d love for you to stop by and meet our team and maybe offer your advice on the color scheme for our new control panel shop and offices. Most of us feel like it doesn’t matter what color it is as long as it’s Pendant blue.
  • Brad brought his Mom in today to say hi.
    • It probably wouldn’t be fair to Brad to compare him to his Mom. Let’s just say she was very calm and we’re not 100% convinced there’s a blood relationship there.

That’s enough of our shenanigans for this week.  Look us up when you have a project and want to have a little fun completing it. Or even if you don’t have a project.

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P.S. We were tough on Brad this week.  But we only pick on people we love…