January Musings

It’s our last post for the first month of 2018 (already).  It was an interesting January, with plenty of highlights (and lowlights):

  • The month started with Rob Ward Day (Rob is Pendant’s founder). The rest of you may know it as New Year’s Day, but you don’t realize that it’s a day to celebrate the anniversary of Rob’s birth.
  • On the 5th, Matt went home, and in a moment of self-delusion, thought he was doing great as a husband when he complimented his wife for how nice she looked, only to realize that it was their wedding anniversary and he had forgotten. Kudos to Matt for adding another page to the “Men are Idiots” chronology.
  • That same night, Brad unwittingly crashed Matt’s anniversary dinner. It was totally Matt’s fault. He arranged to meet Brad for dinner that night while at work during the day, before realizing his blunder.  Matt grudgingly allowed his wife to join them for dinner.
  • Rob, James, and Gary added another interstate day trip, going out and back to Florida in the same day for a visit with an important client. Thankfully, Southwest Airlines is very reliable and the trip went smoothly, except for the fact that James was the first of the Pendant trio to board the plane on both legs of the trip. Being relatively inexperienced, James apparently never considered swapping his boarding card with the boss.
  • Rob and Gary traveled for the second time in the past 5 weeks to the Poconos, leading to ridiculous speculations in the office about these visits to an area known for being a couples retreat.
  • Everyone had their quarterly review, and we’re happy to report that everyone made it through unscathed.

Oh, one other thing. We were really busy and business is booming.  But that’s beside the point, right?


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