At the Beach with James

When we last saw James, his head was stuck in a cereal box that had been converted to a solar eclipse viewer while he was on a startup in the South (more on that here).

In the interim, James took any time he had when he wasn’t doing great things for Pendant, and converted an old van into a mobile living space, perfectly designed for hitting the beach, catching some waves, and cooking by the sea in the Outer Banks of North Carolina (a very popular spot with several members of the Pendant team). Our control panel builder extraordinaire Brad crossed paths with James last week in the Outer Banks, and he’s safely back in the fold, cranking out the best control panels on the planet.

Here in the office we’re ready for James’ return.  He’s one of the key players on our Warehouse Control System (WCS) project (more about that here), and we have plenty for him to do.  We’re pretty sure he didn’t go the route of this guy, but you never know.  We’re betting that he’s tanned, rested, and ready to go! That means you’ll get his best work when you ask us to do your next automation project.


Send that beach bum to me for my next startup