Where’s James – Part 3

Where’s James – Part 3

We Found James…

James Briefly


We had a James sighting today, right here in beautiful Havre de Grace, Maryland. It was brief, but at least we established that James was not still stuck in that box from our last episode.

We know he’s been doing great work for our clients as he moves from conveyor control systems startup to startup. He’s managing the startup portion of our projects with aplomb. (I’ve been dying to use “aplomb” in one of these blog posts.)

Despite the shirt, we’re pretty sure he didn’t take a detour to New Orleans, at least not recently.

As you can see, he picked up some gear here in the home office and he’s on his way again. Who knows where?

Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to run into James.  The odds go way up if you sign up with Pendant for your next project.

Reach out today to get started.

Let Me House James for a While on My Startup

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